Adventures in Couture: A ride with Crusher on the Beast

DKGstyle April 29, 2012 0
Adventures in Couture:  A ride with Crusher on the Beast

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to participate in a once in a lifetime experience a few weeks ago.  I got to ride along while a CAT driver groomed the slopes of Baldy Mountain in Sun Vally.  Of course, when planning a once in a lifetime bucket list activity the first two things that came to mind were: “What am I going to wear?”  and “Blog entry!”

A few years ago I followed the photos of Naomi Campbell in couture as she performed court-ordered community service at a sanitation plant.  Since I don’t plan on assaulting a housekeeper so I can dress myself in couture while doing community service, nor do I ever want to work at a sanitation plant even if it means dressing in couture, her fashion statement stuck with me.  So when thinking about what to wear while riding in a CAT, the largest CAT in the country mind you titled “the Beast,” the first thing that came to mind was couture!  I don’t exactly have the access to haute couture that Naomi Campbell does, so I settled on the fanciest dress I could find in my closet: a little number I purchased for a black tie gala a couple of years ago.  This BCBG frock is on the edgier side of gala attire, perfect for a ride in the Beast.  I completed the look with a few footwear options and a nice warm fuzzy fur.

The experience was everything I imagined and more, complete with a CAT driver named Crusher.  Crusher is a super nice guy, and oh-so-talented at his art form, his art form being perfect corduroy snow.  He humored my antics and despite his inevitable first impressions of me being a “lodge bunny”, I convinced him of my die-hard-skier status as I begged for him to take me down the steepest slope possible.  I hope you like these crazy shots of my own personal fashion statement on the Beast…  long love ya Naomi!


Thank you Crusher for an experience I will never forget, I’m guessing you won’t either, for better or worse!

Stylishly yours,


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