Grandpa Ray

DKGstyle February 28, 2012 0
Grandpa Ray

As I mentioned in this post, I recently attended a family reunion in Arizona.  With the mention of “family reunion” you may picture a small gathering at a local park for BBQ’d hot dogs, beer, and orange soda.  Not my family!  First of all “small”, in our case, is not relevant.  This past reunion included 71 first relatives and their families, with a few family members unable to attend, our family head count nears 3 figures.  The 2nd misnomer is a “simple” BBQin the park-type reunion.  Not this family!  When my grandfather passed away he left his remaining assets in a trust fund, which one of my uncles has invested wisely, half was dedicated to the grandchildren’s higher education, and the other half became the “family reunion” fund (cool Grandpa, eh?).  Every two years my, very large (and ever-growing), family gets together with the locale pivotal in orchestrating catch-up time, smiles, and laughter for this crazy-quirky-fun-loving group (and I’m serious when I say crazy & quirky, but in the best sense of the words).  Reunions in the past have been set in places like: a houseboat on Lake Powell, a cruise boat through Mexico, a lake side house on Lake Tahoe, a chalet in Park City, and most recently a dude ranch in Wickenburg, Arizona called Rancho de los Caballeros.  All made possible by Grandpa’s foresight to know that his children & grandchildren’s busy lives and, in some cases, limited finances could prevent the family from getting together.  And, with families as large as ours it is really hard to stay in touch with everyone.  Don’t get me wrong we all Facebook, but social media doesn’t mimic the pricelessness of seeing the little cousins dance together, or older cousins meet each others’ spouses & kiddos, or eight sisters and brothers reminisce on their childhood.  Regardless, the time together always sends us home with large smiles, cherished memories, and plenty of crazy stories to boot (and again, when I say crazy, I mean crazy)!  You saw a few of my Aztec meets cowboy chic looks from the weekend, and here is the final “thank you Grandpa Ray” reunion look.


Scarf- Target / Tank- JCrew (similar) / Jeans- Gap / Shoes- Topshop (similar) / Necklace- Forever 21 (similar), gifted / Bracelets- family / Bag- LAMB / Lips- MAC “Angel” / Nails- Zoya “Charla”

Stylishly yours,

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