Model of the Month: Sheryl

DKGstyle February 29, 2012 0
Model of the Month:  Sheryl

I recently had the distinct pleasure of spending a few hours in Sheryl’s closet.  Organized by one of her besties for her birthday, we sipped mimosa’s and “played” in Sheryl’s designer-dud-filled closet, which I now call my “forget New York, I want Sheryl’s closet as my second home.”  Are you kidding me?  Too much fun, for this fashionista!  Not only is Sheryl’s closet full of gorgeous garments, but she herself is a beautifully stunning woman.  Sheryl is a proud Mom to very 2 successful gents, one in business the other in fast-car-racing (sweeeet!).  She is a devoted friend, frequent traveller, and can hit the golf ball like no one I’ve ever seen outside of the guys on ESPN every Father’s Day.  Needless to say these designer, definitely-not-a-dud, duds on this amazing lady speak for themselves, so I can’t claim much of the brilliance behind these looks, but I sure did have fun helping to string the pieces together.  Enjoy!

Here are a few examples of taking a more formal piece (jacket on the L, skirt on the R) and dressing them down with more casual compliments, which resulted in casual yet chic looks, perfect for our laid-back town.


I will say that very few people have shoes which compliment a jacket as well as these did without being “matchy, matchy,” and let me just say that this wasn’t the only pair of shoes-who-met-jacket with perfection in her closet.


You know I love black and brown together, well Sheryl’s closet taught me to love brown and red together.  Here are two looks we loved (notice the shoes on the right as a perfect compliment to her sweet red jacket?)


The dress Sheryl claimed looked too old lady-ish (so she never wore it, albeit DVF) turned rockin’-biker-chick-chic, isn’t she lovely?!

Drooling?  Yes, me too!  Sheryl has a stunningly gorgeous wardrobe, but let me tell you that the shoes fit the foot in that she is just as magnificent as her duds would dictate.

Sheryl you are a true natural beauty inside and out, thank you for your energy and your heart as you rock the designers you don.  If only all who wore these labels were as genuine, honest, and inspired as you.  You are one to be admired in the fashion world & beyond.

Stylishly yours,


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