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With St. Patrick’s Day around the bend my mind tends to wander to things like polka dot green jeans (completely coveting) and less frivolously, the beautiful land and people of Ireland.  Being a bit stereotypical for a minute, when I think of the people of Ireland I think of their beautiful pale, sun-damage-free, skin.  I will say that I did drink my fair share of beer, Irish and other, in college, but I also retained a few things from my anatomy & physiology classes, one of which being:  skin is our largest organ.  If you think about it, skin is really an amazing thing.  It protects us from environmental toxins and hazards, controls our body temperature, contains our innards, and also becomes the medium for outward beauty.  If skin is our largest vital organ, the very thing that physically makes us “beautiful”, and something that inevitably ages & easily damages, shouldn’t we make taking care of it a huge priority?   Growing up in Seattle privied me to very few days conducive for damage.  I did however, cover my virgin Seattle skin in baby oil and bake in the Arizona heat every spring break for as many years as I can remember.  I remember my Mom making me wear SPF15 when our family vacationed in Hawaii, I deceivingly would opt for the bottle of SPF4.  On sunny days in Seattle I would cover my towel with tin foil & coat my body with sun accelerator.  As I started to age, I started to discover the desire not to age, and skin protection is one of the many important considerations I made, not only for beauty but for health.  Despite my handful of scorching sunburns, with decent genetics, many years in cloudy skies, and an early appreciation for protective measures, my skin has done pretty well over the years.  Here are a few tips or reminders to keep your largest, and one of your most important organs, healthy & beautiful.

  • If you don’t wear sunscreen daily, start NOW!
  • This is my favorite everyday SPF15 facial lotion.
  • This is my favorite sunscreen.
  • Don’t tan for goshsakes!  If you must, try a spray tan, but really, is tan still in?  I’m not so sure!
  • Lather your beautiful body in body lotion immediately post-shower.  When your skin is damp it absorbs moisturizers best.  This is my favorite.
  • Love & embrace Aquaphor.  I know I am the poster child for Aquaphor, but I swear by it.  It heals, protects, and makes your skin gorgeously glowy without clogging pores. I started by using it on my lips and dry patches and I now coat my face in it after I cleanse and moisturize every night.  Try it!
  • Don’t forget your lips!  Melanoma can strike anywhere so apply a base coat of SPF chapstick before lipstick or gloss.  Coat those beauties with Aquaphor at night.
  • Drink lots of water!
  • Get a preventative skin check by a dermatologist every year, or two years if you are relatively sun-damage-free.
  • Check out this website.  Moles can be dangerous, detect melanoma early.
  • Protect your children’s skin.  Skin protection is such an important thing to teach our children at a young age.

Most importantly, take care of and protect your skin, but remember that outward beauty is only skin-deep.  Even perfect skin doesn’t make a person beautiful unless it radiates from within.  Strive to be beautiful from the inside out, and wear your sunscreen.

Stylishly yours,


  1. Becky March 15, 2012 at 9:20 am - Reply

    Wish I could get away from the “old school” mentality of “a golden glow makes you feel healthy”…… I know how bad it is for you, but still love it! Guess I didn’t learn from my 96 year old grandmother who displayed a flawless, pale, wrinkle free complexion always under a hat!

  2. DKGstyle March 15, 2012 at 9:48 am - Reply

    Its the Arizona gal in you :)

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