To Snooze Or Not To Snooze

DKGstyle March 6, 2012 0
To Snooze Or Not To Snooze

I rarely put together a work outfit worthy of being considered “stylish,” for a few reasons:

1- This is what I usually wear to work


2- My job involves me leaving the comfort of my covers at wee hours in the morning, and since I’m not really a morning person, my creativity is significantly lacking until after my first cup of coffee.  Oh, and pushing snooze three four times doesn’t help either.

3- Considering reason #1 above, any spare pennies found in my closet improvement piggy bank are probably not going to be spent on work attire (sorry colleagues & customers).

All that being said, I mustered up a relatively presentable work look and felt proud enough of myself, to post.  I guess that’s what getting up after 1 press of the snooze button will do for you.

Shirt- Jcrew (similar) / Sweater- Anthropologie (similar) / Skirt- BCBG (similar) / Shoes- Marcos Santi (similar)/ Bracelets- Jcrew (similar, similar) / Ring- H&M / Lips- MAC “Lickable” / Nails- Butter “Trout Pout” / Headband- Anthro / Sunglasses- Prada via Rue LaLa


Voting polls are now open, which is your favorite of these two work outfits…

Stylishly yours,

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