Who’s that kid…

DKGstyle March 7, 2012 0
Who’s that kid…

You know that jingle I am referring to!  Who doesn’t?  As you may or may not know, the Oreo cookie turned 100 yesterday.  That’s right kids, and I do mean kids, Oreo has provided 100 years of milk-dipping-frosting-licking-cookie-crumbling-double-stuffed goodness to generations of Americans.  I have a very keen sweet tooth and there is no question in my mind that Oreo ranks up there with creme brûlée, tiramisu, and chocolate soufflé.  It seems as though the “good ol’days” is a reoccurring theme as of recent.  Between vintage inspired swimwear (you saw in this post), pastels, and florals to timeless cookies why not embrace those simpler days.  With regards to feeding your oh-so-sweet-tooth (and smile), don’t forget, *YOU are that kid with the Oreo cookie.  *Fully endorsed, the Body Love way.


Bag- Marc Jacobs / Fringe Skirt- Norma Kamali / Wedge Sneaker- Ash  / Dress- Anthropologie / Striped Pants- ASOS / Scarf- Marc Jacobs / Boat Shoe- Sperry Topsider

How do you eat your Oreos?

For more Oreo-esque looks check out my Pinterest board.

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